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The body meets climate, available balance, design and market demands. Facing the survival challenge of the free lancing mode, the contemporary art producer is called to follow the ethos of "opportunity" and to invent new forms of aesthetic exploitation.


Sushi Bar is proud to launch its first show with A-Z USE, bringing together the works of four New York based artists: each working in different media, their work responds to the conditions situating art production in the space that stretches between Utopia and apocalypse.


Works by:  Tamar Ettun, Clynton Lowry, Trevor Tweeten, Felix R.Cid.


Curated by: Maayan Strauss



February 28th - March 6th



Installation view



Clynton Lowry, Sack, 2013. Tyvek, waxed cotton, nylon


Body of Work

Tamar Ettun, Yellow Guitar, 2013.


Trevor Tweeten, Self Portrait, 2013.

Still, plexiglass, thermometer and electric heater.

Felix R. Cid, Detail from Venuses, 2012.


Clynton Lowry, Sleeping bag, Jacket (black and grey), 2013.

Moving blanket, metal zipper, waxed cotton, nylon

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